Arizona Mexico Travel Insurance

Are you planning to cross the US boarder and travel south to Mexico? If yes, then you may need to purchase Mexico travel allowance. Most people would probably ask why they need it, but once they understand the circumstances, they would surely get one.

Unlike other countries, Mexico does not offer emergency medical assistance to foreigners. This means tourists would be on their own once they step foot in this country. And because you are supposedly on a vacation, any kind of problem would not give you good memories of your trip.

Here are some forms of Mexico travel insurance that you should get before even planning to visit this country:

  • Medical travel coverage – This will cover emergency medical expenses in case you get sick or get injured. 
  • Trip assurance coverage – If an unfortunate event happened and you lost your fare and money this policy will help return the amount to you. 
  • Auto liability insurance – If you plan on driving around the country, this is required because your US auto liability policy would not be honored. 
  • Boat insurance policy – This is for people who want to go boating.

To make it more fun, exciting, and worry-free, getting Mexico insurance before your trip is a must!

Moore’s Taxes and Insurance will help you find the best Mexican travel insurance available and suited for you. We have worked with thousands of clients in the past, and we want to offer the same quality of services to you. Call us now and allow us to get the best coverage options for your trip to Mexico.