Arizona Boat Insurance

Boating is a favorite pastime among Americans, especially those who live near the beach. However, owning watercraft is accompanied with responsibility. Because of this, boat and watercraft owners should get boat insurance.

Similar to auto insurance, boat policies cover possible expenses in case it gets into an accident or a collision with another boat. The responsible party’s insurance coverage would be the one to pay for the damages caused by the incident. If you own a boat, it is required that you get a type of boat insurance.

Types of Insurance Policies for your Watercraft

Physical Damage Coverage

This policy will cover the damages of the insured boat or watercraft. This includes the hull, sails, engine, cabin, and other parts and equipment.

Liability Coverage 

This is the boat insurance policy that will cover the damages of the other party if the policy holder is proved to be responsible for the accident. This policy would pay for medical, as well as repair damages of the victim’s boat.

Crew Insurance

In case you have an employee or crew member on the boat and he got injured while on duty, this policy will cover the expenses. If you plan on availing boat insurance, you should make sure to get the best insurance agency in the business. Moore’s Taxes and Insurance features several affiliate insurers which would provide the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Through our services, you will surely never go wrong. So if you have any questions, make sure to contact us through our toll-free number right away.